Transatlantique Montréal – 2011-2012 Orientations

In 2011-2012, Transatlantique Montréal aims to focus its efforts on making contemporary dance more visible and accessible to everyone in our city.

The festival was conceived as an annual urban rendezvous that provides a showcase for a variety of new contemporary works, mostly by local artists, thus contributing concretely to the development of the discipline.

A festival such as ours is the ideal forum for young artists who otherwise have very few opportunities to perform in front of an audience, and are often featured for the first time anywhere at Quartiers Danses.

We do not get the chance to see intermediate-level dance companies frequently enough in Montreal. Transatlantique wishes to give them a prominent place and offer the residents of various Montreal boroughs the opportunity to discover the work of our choreographers.

The festival would like to welcome more foreign companies in the future – people whose work would be inspiring for our local dance scene – and to capitalize further on possibilities for exchange and affiliations.

Transatlantique truly being a reflection of Montreal, a cosmopolitan city with its wealth of cultures and approaches, we will pursue our efforts to reach out to cultural and intergenerational communities in various neighbourhoods.

In 2009, we noticed for the first time that the audience had begun following our presentations from one borough to the next. What a fantastic response for our festival, especially as one of the main elements of its mission is to make dance more accessible! The notion of organizing activities that lead the audience to move around and to explore other neighbourhoods and other points of view through works of visual and living art clearly speaks to us, and we hope that our 2011 and 2012 activities generate the same kind of reaction.

Rafik Hubert Sabbagh

Artistic and General Director